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Free Holiday update on it’s way!

Travel with Koko to the North Pole and defend more trees, destroy factories, discover many new levels, enemies and skills! Happy Holidays!

Christmas new year holiday free game update snowNew Holiday update with a winter theme soon out on iTunes App Store and Google Play.
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How many achievements have you collected?

In the latest free update of Lumberwhack a bunch of in-game achievements was added. Each achievement offers several free rewards as additional Leafs, Power-Ups and Consumables. It will surely help your animals in their battle against the evil lumberjacks!

How many achievements have you collected so far? What additional achievements would you like to see in the game?

Free-achievements-rewards-mobile-game-2015The in-game Achievement menu in the free casual strategy game Lumberwhack, available on a href=”″ title=”top free mobile game for ipad” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>iTunes and Google Play.
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No sleep for little monkey!

Poor Koko Kornelius, not able to sunday snooze! This is a simple back story and the intro movie added to the latest free update of Lumberwhack: Defend the Wild.


This 2D animation is actually made from in-game textures and flat 3D model assets from Maya, then animated and put together in Unity3D, same way as the rest of the game. It’s played in realtime just like a game, but capped at 60fps to properly sync with other functionality.

This makes it possible to display it on tablet devices in HD without hardly adding anything to the actual file size of the mobile app. The movie you see here is much less quality, because it’s captured from inside the game and converted to a playable movie format.


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What’s your best defense against the Explosive Jack?

The Explosive Jack can be quite dangerous at some times, especially when several of these lumberjacks show up at once.

What’s your most common defense against them? Do you use animals with knock back power? Or do you send out a couple of Backattack Gator‘s to take care of them?

Perhaps you take care of it yourself by using the Suspicious Brew to transform Koko to the real king of the jungle!

Monkey King Mobile Game FreeThe Explosive Jack throwing some dynamite against the Almost Bright Ape who is wielding a Bamboo Stick.


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Which animal do you upgrade the most?

Please share which animal you upgrade the most in Lumberwhack, and why it is your favorite animal. Is it because it’s the most powerful one, or simply because it’s the most funny and cool looking?

My own favorite is usually the Smashback Gorilla, who has both medium defense and attack strength. But perhaps yours is the Rock n’ Roar Lion or any of the other unique animals?

Free game for ipad app storeThe upgrade animal and skill menu in the free mobile game Lumberwhack: Defend the Wild.


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Which one is your favorite PowerUp?

The ability to choose PowerUp’s before each stage was added in the latest free update for Lumberwhack. Which one of the four PowerUp’s is your favorite and which one do you think helps the most?

Free sidescroller game app store promot codeThe PowerUp selection that is displayed before a new stage starts in the free tower defense game Lumberwhack.


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New in-game gallery section in Lumberwhack

A look on the new in-game gallery section from the latest free update of Lumberwhack. Showing detailed description, stats and progress of all enemies defeated.

Free app update castle defense galleryThe new gallery section in the free castle defense game lumberwhack.
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Huge update for Lumberwhack is out!

A very large update for the action-packed strategy game Lumberwhack has been released for both iOS and Android. It includes a lot of improvements that I hope will make the game more enjoyable for everyone. A summary of all the changes can be seen below.

New icon for action strategy mobile game

Update Version 3.3.2

– New automatic collect food system, more focus on fighting.
– New Gallery section, view all your animals, skills, enemies and game progress.
– New Daily Bonus with rewards!
– New In-game Achievements with rewards!
– New attack types for animals and lumberjacks (knockback, bleed, stun etc.)
– New visual fighting effects.
– New Stage Bonus with lucky draw reward after each stage!
– New and more detailed tutorial.
– New Intro movie, staring Koko and the vicious lumberjacks.
– New zoom & pan button, get a better overview of the battlefield.
– The lumber truck at the end of each stage can now move closer and attack, destroy it to gain victory!.
– Old Inventroy Items are now Power Ups or Consumable.
– Enemies on Endless Mode now drop Power Ups, Consumable and Leafs.
– You can now tap on dropped items to directly pick them up.
– Improved all animals Epic Skills to be more useful and powerful.
– Unlock Pathfinder to discover the location of rewards on the map.
– You can now ask your Facebook friends for free Leafs!
– Leafs can now be bought with Acorns.
– Removed Upgrade Reset (Acorn refunded)
– Replaced Permanent Magnet with Teleport.
– General difficulty and level balance.
– Max animal and skill level increased.
– Changed the location of animals & skills on the map for better team setup and game progress.
– And much more…

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Take on Angry Redneck Lumberjacks!

Droid Life encourage you to save the animals in Lumberwhack: Defend the Wild.

Fans of tower defense-like titles should check out Lumberwhack: Defend the Wild, a game which pits your animal forces against an ever-growing gang of pissed off lumberjacks. The loggers are encroaching on your animal territory, and it is your duty as a monkey to group your forces, not allowing the humans to cut down your beautiful forest home.

Read the full review at Droid Life.

The game plays much like Plants vs ZombiesIf you dig tower defense games, this title should do the trick for you.
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The Android Galaxy: One of the best tower defence games 2014

The Android Galaxy wrote a short review for Lumberwhack, seems like they really liked the game! :)

Get ready for one of the most fun Tower Defence game that you could ever play on your android and even iOS device. Here is Lumberwhack Defend the Wild the android game in which you will get to team up with a wide variety of wild animals ready to stand up for their forest homes and defend it from the people who wants to destroy them and their homes.

Read the full review at The Android Galaxy website.

Most Fun Free Castle Defense GamesLumberwhack: Defend the Wild. Get ready for an intense battle in this free tower defense side-scrolling game!
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