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Lumberwhack featured by Apple App Store in Monkey Games!

This is the third time Apple feature my free castle defense game Lumberwhack: Defend the Wild on the iTunes App Store, this time in Monkey Games! Thank you Apple! :)

Monkey-Games-iTunes-Monkey-King-森林防御战: 猴子传奇Screenshot from Apple App Store‘s promotion featuring the free castle defense game Lumberwhack in Monkey Games.

If you have not done it yet, download the free big winter update for Lumberwhack at the App Store.

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Free winter update now available for Android on Google Play!

You can now download the new winter update on Google Play!

Travel to the North Pole and defend the forest in 115 new levels! Destroy more factories, defeat new enemies, rescue and unlock the Snowtail Leopard, discover the Freezing Snowballs and much more! Enjoy and have fun!

Update details:

  • A new continent to explore with 115 new levels.
  • More factories to destroy.
  • New animal: The Snowtail Leopard.
  • New Skill: Freezing Snowball.
  • New epic animal skill unlock: Ice Claw.
  • New Achievements.
  • Daily Bonus days increased from 30 to 200.
1-screenshot-1136Screenshot from the new free holiday winter update for Lumberwhack Android version.
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How many achievements have you collected?

In the latest free update of Lumberwhack a bunch of in-game achievements was added. Each achievement offers several free rewards as additional Leafs, Power-Ups and Consumables. It will surely help your animals in their battle against the evil lumberjacks!

How many achievements have you collected so far? What additional achievements would you like to see in the game?

Free-achievements-rewards-mobile-game-2015The in-game Achievement menu in the free casual strategy game Lumberwhack, available on a href=”https://itunes.apple.com/app/lumberwhack-defend-the-wild/id669498729?uo=8″ title=”top free mobile game for ipad” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>iTunes and Google Play.
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No sleep for little monkey!

Poor Koko Kornelius, not able to sunday snooze! This is a simple back story and the intro movie added to the latest free update of Lumberwhack: Defend the Wild.


This 2D animation is actually made from in-game textures and flat 3D model assets from Maya, then animated and put together in Unity3D, same way as the rest of the game. It’s played in realtime just like a game, but capped at 60fps to properly sync with other functionality.

This makes it possible to display it on tablet devices in HD without hardly adding anything to the actual file size of the mobile app. The movie you see here is much less quality, because it’s captured from inside the game and converted to a playable movie format.


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Vote for me at Indies Crash E3

Koloss Interactive - Indie Crash E3Vote for Koloss Interactive at Indies Crash E3 to give me the opportunity to visit the E3 Expo, -the world’s premier trade show for computer and video games.

It would be a great experience and an amazing opportunity to show off my upcoming side-scrolling defense game Lumberwhack.


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Lumberwhack in widescreen action

Game play - Side-scrolling defense game for iPhone, game for iPad, game apps for Android
Game play preview in widescreen for side-scrolling defense game Lumberwhack.
Here is some whacking going on in widescreen (iPhone 5, 16:9). Once again the lumberjacks has managed to cut down a tree. Standing in the back and never shown on a screen shot before is the Jack-Medic and the revolver spinning Jack-Ranger. Both aiding the frenzied front line of lumberjacks. The Smashback Gorilla, Swiftpaw Tiger and the Spitting Cobra is doing there best to defend the forest and hold the lumberjacks at bay.
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Lumberwhack title screen

Side-scroller defense game Lumberwhack on PGR
Just finished the graphics and functionality for the title screen of Lumberwhack, my new game for iPhone, iPad and Android. I hope it gives the right feeling of what this side-scrolling defense game is about.
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Lumberwhack choose animal

Choose animal - Side-scrolling defense game for iPhone, game for iPad, game apps for Android
Choose animal menu for side-scrolling defense game Lumberwhack.
Here is an example of the 'Choose Animals' screen that is displayed before the 'Choose Skills' screen and just before you start playing a level in the game. In this case, all animals have already been chosen, and there is only five animals available at this stage of the game.
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Lumberwhack upgrade menu

Upgrade menu - Side-scrolling defense game for iPhone, game for iPad, game apps for Android
Upgrade menu for side-scrolling defense game Lumberwhack.
A screen shot from the upgrade menu of Lumberwhack. Only four animals and three skills have been unlocked so far and are therefor available for upgrades. Acorns that has been collected or rewarded when a level is completed is used as currency for upgrading. Both the damage and health of the animals increases when being upgraded, but the skills attributes increases a bit different depending on there specific unique ability.
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Lumberwhack level map

Level map - Side-scrolling defense game for iPhone, game for iPad, game apps for Android
Map menu for side-scrolling defense game Lumberwhack.
Here is a screen shot of the map menu for Lumberwhack, just before you choose which level to proceed playing. This is in the early stage of the game, it is possible to drag the map around and view the whole explorable area when playing the game.
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