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New Lumberwhack game-play trailer

As a preparation for the upcoming Android release Lumberwhack: Defend the Wild‘s game-play trailer has been updated! A lot of improvements have been added to this strategy and action-defense game since the first trailer was created, so I felt it was necessary to update the video a bit. Some of the new content, like for example the animal unlock features are not showcased in the trailer, perhaps I will add it later on.

Check it out and please support by sharing it around!

Lumberwhack will soon be available for free on Android. Including Google Play Store, Samsung Apps and Amazon.

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IGamesView played Lumberwhack and enjoyed it!

IGamesView decided to try Lumberwhack out and record it at the same time. They shared with me that they enjoyed playing the game and perhaps their review team will have a look at it as well.

You can view the full game play video on Youtube.

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New trailer, screenshots and more!

I just revamped the development blog to a more real website. Make sure to check out the new Lumberwhack page. There is a a new game play trailer and screenshots. The final release is close by!

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Teaser Trailer! -Watch the animals in action

Teaser trailer for side-scroller defense game Lumberwhack.

The first teaser trailer for my upcoming mobile defense game Lumberwhack. Hope you enjoy it!

You can expect more game play content in the future. For example a sneak peak on the upgrade menu, unlock different animals and skills and of course more levels and action! (more…)

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