A very large update for the action-packed strategy game Lumberwhack has been released for both iOS and Android. It includes a lot of improvements that I hope will make the game more enjoyable for everyone. A summary of all the changes can be seen below.

New icon for action strategy mobile game

Update Version 3.3.2

– New automatic collect food system, more focus on fighting.
– New Gallery section, view all your animals, skills, enemies and game progress.
– New Daily Bonus with rewards!
– New In-game Achievements with rewards!
– New attack types for animals and lumberjacks (knockback, bleed, stun etc.)
– New visual fighting effects.
– New Stage Bonus with lucky draw reward after each stage!
– New and more detailed tutorial.
– New Intro movie, staring Koko and the vicious lumberjacks.
– New zoom & pan button, get a better overview of the battlefield.
– The lumber truck at the end of each stage can now move closer and attack, destroy it to gain victory!.
– Old Inventroy Items are now Power Ups or Consumable.
– Enemies on Endless Mode now drop Power Ups, Consumable and Leafs.
– You can now tap on dropped items to directly pick them up.
– Improved all animals Epic Skills to be more useful and powerful.
– Unlock Pathfinder to discover the location of rewards on the map.
– You can now ask your Facebook friends for free Leafs!
– Leafs can now be bought with Acorns.
– Removed Upgrade Reset (Acorn refunded)
– Replaced Permanent Magnet with Teleport.
– General difficulty and level balance.
– Max animal and skill level increased.
– Changed the location of animals & skills on the map for better team setup and game progress.
– And much more…