End Game - Side-scroller defense game for iPhone, game for iPad, game apps for AndroidGame play preview for side-scrolling defense game Lumberwhack.

The B.A.R (Big Ass Rhino) is outnumbered against the first wave of lumberjacks. Well, he has the coconut throwing monkey and the Back Attack Gator to help him, but it ain’t looking to good at the moment is it? One lumberjack has recently parachuted down and bypassed the front line defense. He will go ahead and start cutting down a second tree if nobody stops him.

There is also some fighting going on off-screen to the left that we can’t see. But it is notified by the tool-tip bubble on the screens left side. If that fight would turn into a tree being cut down, the tool-tip bubble would tell us so as well. Very helpful, right? All and all, we can just hope there is a big wave of animals arriving soon to help out with the defense.

This screen shot preview is from one of the last levels in adventure mode. After those levels are completed an Endless mode will be unlocked.