Free game - Side-scroller defense game for iPhone, game for iPad, game apps for AndroidMonkey character for side-scrolling defense game Lumberwhack.

Name the main character in my upcoming side-scrolling defense game Lumberwhack! Above you see “the Monkey”. At least that is what he has been called so far during my project. All the other animals in the game have names, but not him. That is not fair considering he is the main character the player controls. Help him now by suggesting name ideas as a comment to this post. The author of the name I pick will get a free copy of the mobile defense game Lumberwhack and the honor to have named the main character in the game!*

On the picture above you can see how “the Monkey” looks like. Both the normal look and how he looks like after he has been drinking Magic Moonshine and is ready for some melee action. Try to pick a catchy name that capture his personality. If you like a name someone else has already posted, go ahead and write that as well.

*The author of the name gives Koloss Interactive full right to the name. A free copy of Lumberwhack will be distributed after the game is fully released for the specific operating system.