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Lumberwhack featured by Apple App Store in Monkey Games!

This is the third time Apple feature my free castle defense game Lumberwhack: Defend the Wild on the iTunes App Store, this time in Monkey Games! Thank you Apple! :)

Monkey-Games-iTunes-Monkey-King-森林防御战: 猴子传奇Screenshot from Apple App Store‘s promotion featuring the free castle defense game Lumberwhack in Monkey Games.

If you have not done it yet, download the free big winter update for Lumberwhack at the App Store.

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What’s your best defense against the Explosive Jack?

The Explosive Jack can be quite dangerous at some times, especially when several of these lumberjacks show up at once.

What’s your most common defense against them? Do you use animals with knock back power? Or do you send out a couple of Backattack Gator‘s to take care of them?

Perhaps you take care of it yourself by using the Suspicious Brew to transform Koko to the real king of the jungle!

Monkey King Mobile Game FreeThe Explosive Jack throwing some dynamite against the Almost Bright Ape who is wielding a Bamboo Stick.


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Which one is your favorite PowerUp?

The ability to choose PowerUp’s before each stage was added in the latest free update for Lumberwhack. Which one of the four PowerUp’s is your favorite and which one do you think helps the most?

Free sidescroller game app store promot codeThe PowerUp selection that is displayed before a new stage starts in the free tower defense game Lumberwhack.


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Free game for monkey name suggestion

Free game - Side-scrolling defense game for iPhone, game for iPad, game apps for Android
Monkey character for side-scrolling defense game Lumberwhack.
Name the main character in my upcoming side-scrolling defense game Lumberwhack! Above you see "the Monkey". At least that is what he has been called so far during my project. All the other animals in the game have names, but not him. That is not fair considering he is the main character the player controls. Help him now by suggesting name ideas as a comment to this post. The author of the name I pick will get a free copy of the mobile defense game Lumberwhack and the honor to have named the main character in the game!*
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Check out Lumberwhack game play preview

Game play - Side-scrolling defense game for iPhone, game for iPad, game apps for Android
Game play preview for side-scrolling defense game Lumberwhack.
Here is another screenshot preview from an early level of side-scrolling defense game Lumberwhack. Only two animals has been rescued and unlocked, the Angry Ape and the Smashback Gorilla. The Smashback Gorilla is apparently living up to his name and is just about to smash back at the lumberjacks. The Angry Ape has picked up some Headcracking Coconuts that the player controlled monkey has dropped down on the ground from one of his skills. Making the Angry Ape an effective ranged unit. Though, right now it kinda looks like he is playing quarterback in an American Football team and not in a defense game for iPhone.
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Lumberwhack title screen

Side-scroller defense game Lumberwhack on PGR
Just finished the graphics and functionality for the title screen of Lumberwhack, my new game for iPhone, iPad and Android. I hope it gives the right feeling of what this side-scrolling defense game is about.
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Lumberwhack game play

Game play - Side-scrolling defense game for iPhone, game for iPad, game apps for Android
Game play for side-scrolling defense game Lumberwhack.
I wanted to share a screen shot that I took while playing and bug testing the latest levels I created for Lumberwhack. This is half way into the game, in the mountain area. A wave of lumberjacks have just arrived to cut down the first tree and they would probably have succeeded if I did not press the pause button.
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Lumberwhack level map

Level map - Side-scrolling defense game for iPhone, game for iPad, game apps for Android
Map menu for side-scrolling defense game Lumberwhack.
Here is a screen shot of the map menu for Lumberwhack, just before you choose which level to proceed playing. This is in the early stage of the game, it is possible to drag the map around and view the whole explorable area when playing the game.
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