Game play - Side-scroller defense game for iPhone, game for iPad, game apps for AndroidGame play preview for side-scrolling defense game Lumberwhack.

Here is another screenshot preview from an early level of side-scrolling defense game Lumberwhack. Only two animals has been rescued and unlocked, the Angry Ape and the Smashback Gorilla. The Smashback Gorilla is apparently living up to his name and is just about to smash back at the lumberjacks. The Angry Ape has picked up some Headcracking Coconuts that the player controlled monkey has dropped down on the ground from one of his skills. Making the Angry Ape an effective ranged unit. Though, right now it kinda looks like he is playing quarterback in an American Football team and not in a defense game for iPhone.

The lumberjacks has successfully cut down one tree so far, but are quickly advancing and are almost about to cut down a second one, soon they will be shouting: T I M B E R ! ! …or will it be
T O U C H  D O W N ?

Acorns are lying spread out on the ground waiting for the monkey to come and pick them up. They will be used for upgrading his skills and the animals he rescues.