Game play - Side-scrolling defense game for iPhone, game for iPad, game apps for AndroidGame play for side-scrolling defense game Lumberwhack.

I wanted to share a screen shot that I took while playing and bug testing the latest levels I created for Lumberwhack. This is half way into the game, in the mountain area. A wave of lumberjacks have just arrived to cut down the first tree and they would probably have succeeded if I did not press the pause button.

As you can see in the picture there is a Rambo/Commando kind of lumberjack coming down from above in a parachute. This will add some more variety and challenge to the game as this enemy will obviously not arrive from the right side like the rest of the lumberjacks. He will bypass your defensive line and start cutting down any tree in his way.

Actually, I might introduce this enemy unit earlier in the game as it becomes more fun when you have to keep an eye out and protect the whole area of the level, instead of just the front line.